New version release of CMS WordPress 6.0

New version of CMS WordPress 6.0

In WordPress 6.0, we can expect significant improvements in several areas of CMS, from usability to performance, including the following:

Improved information architecture and template viewing capabilities
Improved template creation
New navigation interface
New view mode for site editor
Alternative world styles
Advanced navigation unit
New design tools
And much more – changes in features and bug fixes, including over 400 updates and 500 bug fixes for the editor. Fixed more than 189 tickets, including 91 new features and improvements.

Full site editing is now part of the WordPress kernel and version 6.0.

Web Fonts API
Global style switching
Block templates everywhere
Possibilities of site editing
Improved interface and usability
New basic blocks
Improving existing blocks

WordPress is now used by 64.2% of all websites for which we know the content management system. This is 43% of all sites. (W3Techs source)

Available for download:


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